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Connections that Work (CTW) Summer and Winter Programs for Students with dyslexia

Why are we making this shift in our business model now?

After being asked for years to start a private school for students with dyslexia, we considered if that is what parents really want. Posie is a parent of four adult children who she taught to conquer  their dyslexia. What they wanted was to stay or return to their beloved schools. We created programs designed to get our students returned to their regular school as competent readers, writers, and spellers who are equipped with skills for attention, critical thinking, and engagement in any class in any school.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to return your child to their regular school as a competent reader, writer, and speller who is skilled and equipped with skills for attention, critical thinking, and engagement in any class.

Our vision is that your child will sees themselves as a confident and strategic learner in any setting.

Dyslexia with ADHD on top is spoken with a strong and joyous voice here.

What is dyslexia?

Find the definition at the IDA and learn it with us.

It means

 we have trouble reading words. Dys - means trouble. Lex - means words.

We need

expert teaching.

Learn what that means here.

Cheer us on! because we can learn well.

We often have ADHD, too

We are under construction and changing our business model.

Please check back soon. Our goal day to launch is 25 February, 2021.

Exciting changes! Exciting model.